5G and coronavirus: a conspiracy theory, or the sheer truth?

Nadav Gover
4 min readAug 24, 2020

Since coronavirus has started eliminating us one by one, there have been multiple conspiracy theories regarding the connection between the fatal virus and the 5G technology. You may shock hearing this at first, but is it really true that all the debate revolving around coronavirus is just a cover-up to conceal the health hazards of the 5G technology?

5G And Coronavirus

So, to dig in, read on.

5G and coronavirus: conspiracy theories

Two of the most widely discussed conspiracy theories regarding the connection between 5G and coronavirus are:

1. COVID-19 is serving as a cover-up for 5G hazards.

2. The technology itself suppresses the body’s immune system.

Many celebrities around the world are also expanding the issue by posting on their social media, supporting the theories regarding the matter. Moreover, in the UK, the situation was even further exacerbated when it was discovered that at least one phone mast had been set on fire deliberately.

Bill Gates is to blame, or not?

Even Bill Gates has not been free of the attacks of theorists. Since coronavirus began, Bill Gates started endeavoring to discover the necessary vaccine to put an end to the disastrous pandemic. Despite that, some theorists claimed that the coronavirus is just a story fabricated to cover-up the physical hazards of 5G; they believe and claim that Microsoft together with Bill Gates has invented the coronavirus to take over the world by shipping a vaccine for it. Beautiful, ha?

All the while the world is still awaiting a vaccine, Bill Gates is funding vaccine candidates.

The New York Times in April reported that the Internet is overflowing with the conspiracy theory putting the blame solely on Bill Gates. The advocates believe Microsoft is planning to roll out vaccinations in the world, having in them tracking chips that can be then later activated by 5G technology.

Despite all these, scientists strongly know these claims “baseless.”

5G and coronavirus? Really?

The short answer to whether if there is a connection between the two, is simply “no.”

The UK government has announced that there is absolutely no relation between 5G and coronavirus. Additionally, Mobile UK which is a trade union for British mobile providers has also found the recent claims not acceptable in any scientific theory. The business has asked people to stop devastating their infrastructure under the pretext of the claims about 5G.

A researcher at the University of Glasgow has also said that 5G has nothing to do with the virus. It is good to know that he is testing 5G in Scotland.

Scientists believe that respiratory droplets flying out of the human body are able to transmit COVID-19. They quickly and clearly pointed out that droplets cannot pass through 5G waves.

The other theory is more controversial: 5G weakens the immune system. This weakness can ease the spread of coronavirus. There are two answers to those supporting this theory:

1. Firstly, many of the countries with a huge number of coronavirus infected patients have no 5G. To mention only one, Iran currently has confirmed 312,000 cases — and no 5G connections.

2. Secondly, this theory went also viral at the time when the 5G predecessors were deployed: 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

Does 5G endanger our health at all?

High-frequency radiations at the end of the electromagnetic spectrum can put human life in danger; however, 5G waves lie in low-frequency segments, hence exerting no harmful pressure on the human body and cells.

A contract crew for Verizon works on a cell tower to update it to handle the new 5G network in Orem, Utah.

The electromagnetic waves are classified into two “ionizing” and “non-ionizing” categories. The ionizing waves can be dangerous to our lives since they can damage the human body internal organs when in high exposure. The X-Ray, for instance, can penetrate the body. Therefore, it is used for imaging only, where the exposure is limited.

5G lies in low-frequency band, just like Wi-Fi, and is “non-ionizing.” A vast majority of scientific evidence can corroborate that non-ionizing radiation cannot cause internal damage to the human body organs.


The link between 5G and coronavirus appears to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory. The ideas and theories seem to be meaningless, and that is what science says and looks rational.

In a pandemic, numerous individuals tend to act excitedly, hence spreading multiple incorrect rumors and theories which might give birth to unpredictable problems.



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