How will Elon Musk’s Neuralink affect different industries in the future?

Neuralink Chip Size Compared to a Knuckle
Neuralink Chip Size Compared to A Knuckle
Neuralink external part: the Link

Paralyzed people

The device is going to be a computer in our brain. The first and most probable usage is for the paralyzed people. Neuralink can help them better control their robotic limbs, mentally. Although the possibility to control the robotic limbs has been available since 2012, Neuralink can take the matter to the next big steps.

Restore lost abilities

In addition to that, Musk claims that Neuralink can restore some functionalities one may lose. It can restore eyesight and hearing abilities. Also, Neuralink can address various diseases affecting the brain.

Thought to speech

Other than its medical benefits, Neuralink can make “thought to speech” possible. Then, people will be able to control objects and devices and even upload their memories on the cloud.

Driving and car industry

Different industries can make use of Neuralink technology in their devices and trumpet them in form of their marketing plans. Cars can show the physiological state of the driver on monitors, reported by Neuralink. Carmakers will advertise this option as a part of their marketing campaign soon. Or even more, drivers will be able to move and drive their cars by solely their minds.


The possibilities are going to be countless, imagine flying a drone by your mind as well. Different brands in different industries will soon adapt to Neuralink and use it in their products to make working with them as effortless as possible.


Neuralink can be way bigger than Apple or any other tech-giant. Just imagine it: why do you even need an iPhone or Apple Watch when you can have it all in your mind? What once seemed far-fetched, now seems insanely reachable with the innovation that Neuralink will bring. You may find technology targets such as AI glasses a bit outdated after having in mind what Neuralink is capable of.


Furthermore, even telepathy may one day become available with Neuralink. After all, the internal electrodes can transmit the brain signals to the Link. Then, what happens when someone’s Link can send data to another one’s Link? This is just like airdropping some photos between iPhones. Also, maybe we can then make some telepathic phone calls to the aliens. Who knows?

Images and sentences

At this point in time, Neuralink technology will be probably unable to create full sentences from the short neuron messages in the brain; however, it can be trained to translate specific signals to, maybe, images, or single words. Consequently, it will be possible to improve the software over time to create sentences and do even more.

Communication speed

The communication speed can also increase unbelievably using Neuralink. Now that I am typing this, the speed at which I talk to you is confined by how fast my fingers can type. Even when I speak to others, the communication speed is limited to how fast and twisty my tongue is. Now, imagine the speed of mind and brain. It is as instant as light speed. Maybe Neuralink can someday receive my thoughts in a flash, and transcribe them into communications instantly, even before I open my mouth to start talking.

No more coffee!

Here is another possible usage: drugs. Let’s go not very far; with Neuralink, you would not need to drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, or drink alcohol anymore to change your mood. Those businesses may soon find their way to the graveyard, replaced maybe by a simple app available at a dollar or less.


The good news for the music industry is also that Musk has claimed the Neuralink will allow people to stream music to their brains.

The list goes on.

You can think of many more possibilities the technology can make. Many current technologies may soon go with the wind.



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