Machine Learning

Is it the same as AI?

Differences and similarities between ML and AI

The similarities between AI and ML

As mentioned before, machine learning is a subset of Artificial intelligence. that is, artificial intelligence and machine learning work together to make a perfect system in which the processes are streamlined, and the tasks are performed flawlessly.

The differences between AI and ML


Machine learning is designed to perform some tasks autonomously. In fact, using ML, one does not need to set any algorithms to make decisions. It directly uses the data to discern the rules and see what it had to do.


Machine learning has a more limited scope since it only can use the already existing data to learn stuff. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, does not have any boundaries. The sky is the limit when designing an AI system: from traffic systems to smart homes, storage facilities, and factories.


Artificial intelligence is usually used to design robotic systems in factories and manufacturing sites. These systems also make our smart home assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri. These AI-based services can perform tasks and answer questions autonomously.

Deep learning

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning. In deep learning, the amount of data used to learn is much more massive. This data is collected from a complicated neural network. Therefore, deep learning can solve more profound and complex problems than both AI and ML.

The common applications of ML and AI

Online shopping

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can create a supreme online shopping experience that has everything the seller and the buyer want. This experience involves having an automated storage facility that automatically keeps track of the goods in the facility. However, it also means personalized suggestions for the users on the website and a streamlined ordering process.


Machine learning in healthcare usually falls into genome research. These research projects contain massive amounts of data that can be analyzed and sorted through an ML system. AI is generally used for image recognition and as a diagnostic tool.


AI and ML in banking usually guarantee the safety of customers’ information and money. ML systems make great security tools that protect banks from malware and phishing tools. What’s more, AI is usually used to predict risk factors in investment ventures and stock markets.

Customer services

The majority of chatbots on retail and sales websites are run by AI and ML services. This makes the process of customer services much more efficient. Additionally, customer preference and customer satisfaction can also be analyzed and predicted through ML services.

AI and ML market size

The AI market is estimated to be 327.5 billion dollars in 2021. This market is predicted to grow by 17% per year until 2024 and reach 554.3 billion dollars. This growth is mainly driven by the high demand for machine learning and artificial intelligence systems in various industries.



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