Paying by heartbeat, the future of payment methods

Alright, you feel being generations ahead when paying with your smartphone in a store. Plus, you know what Apple Pay or Google Pay is. Do you think this is the end of it? Absolutely not. The digital payment methods in the current century are going so professional that you may soon see people pay with their heartbeat. Feel outdated now, ha?

Paying with cash is a thing of the past. Using credit cards seems outdated even now. Using Apple Pay, mobile devices, and similar technologies are what is “today” becoming more and more commonplace. Then, what does the future hold in this regard?

It is definitely going to be biometric authentication and biometric payment. And one of the methods that will highly likely stand on the summit is paying by heartbeat.

Why heartbeat?

The very first question you may ask is why heartbeat? There are three main reasons:

  • Each heartbeat is unique: just like our fingerprints, the heartbeat is just like our body’s signature.
  • The heartbeat is ultra-secure: it may be possible to imitate your fingerprint, but it will not be easy to copy your heartbeat.
  • The heartbeat does not change: the cardiac profile remains the same as your age or emotions vary. Even if your heart beats faster, your identity is recognized correctly.

Yes, our body has many unique characteristics that can be used solely to verify our identity, and the heartbeat is a new one.

How paying by heartbeat works

The technology is still immature. Currently, some companies are working on manufacturing devices like wristbands and smart bands that can be worn on the wrist and can analyze our heartbeat.

Holding this device next to a contactless payment terminal for a second or two will process and finish the payment. These devices are more accurate in analyzing the heartbeat than current devices such as Apple Watch. They use multiple sensors and multiple points of contact for the initial authentication.

This is for today. What will be the future of paying by heartbeat like? In the near future, there will be no need for a wristband to pay by heartbeat. Imagine the scanners that can quickly perform EKG or ECG to identify you as you are simply walking out of a store; no more points of sale, no more lines, no more wristbands. Whether you are in public transport, visiting a doctor, or reserving a hotel room, your identity authentication and payment is just a heartbeat away. Isn’t it miraculous and dreamy?

Pay by heart, and the end of cash

Biometric characteristics such as heartbeat, eyes, voice, and fingerprints are fast becoming the best methods to recognize our identity and pay for things. There will soon be no need for inputting passwords and using other forms of ID that can easily be stolen or get lost. In the future, we will be opening doors by our iris, paying in stores by our heartbeat, verifying our identity by our voice, and many more. Who needs a passport or ID card anymore, when everyone’s identity can be recognized even globally with their heartbeat?

Digital payment methods like heartbeat analysis will soon eliminate the need for cash and credit cards. Everything will be processed automatically. Maybe different currencies will be the next victim in addition to cash. Currently, we are just a heartbeat and some mature technologies away from making our dreams come true.

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