Search & Rescue Drones to the Rescue

Search and rescue drones can get to the heart of any disaster-stricken area

Drones can be designed and made for a variety of purposes. They could be a birthday gift for your favorite niece. They could be Reconnaissance tools for the military. They could be flying video cameras for news agencies. But they could also be put to use in the business of saving lives.

In the chaos that comes in the aftermath of a disaster, it is sometimes impossible for search and rescue teams to penetrate the heart of the disaster to find missing people. Most people, in fact, lose their lives or come to serious harm, waiting for first responders to find and help them.

However, sending teams to unstable buildings, places contaminated with hazardous material, or streets in danger of bursting into wildfire can practically put the first responders’ lives at risk. Amounting to nothing but more disaster.

Here is where our unmanned flying friends come in. Drones designed for search and rescue missions must have several key characteristics. First and foremost, they must be equipped with sensors to recognize living people. Then, GPS locators must be able to tag the exact location of the victims in the rubble. Also, these drones should come with cameras to enable the medical team to assess the extent of the victim’s injuries before attempting to extract them. And finally, search and rescue drones can be equipped with AI to judge if the disaster site is safe enough for a team to be deployed on foot, in a vehicle, or using a helicopter.

Of course, most modern search and rescue drones come with all these pieces of equipment and much more. Some drones have infrared thermal cameras and night vision cameras to enable rescue missions to be carried out during the night. What’s more, some drones have a payload drop system that can deliver essential supplies to the victims until help can arrive. Therefore, as can be seen, the possibilities are endless, and different companies have made drones with additional capabilities.

Companies that make and design search and rescue drones

AltiGator is a European company that specializes in making commercial drones of every kind. This company was founded in 2008 in the heart of Europe. One of the distinguishing features of AltiGator drones is that they use Lidar. A light-based radar target distances by sending a laser light to an object and measuring the time it takes to come back. This technology, along with thermal cameras that can detect human body heat, will make a massive difference in the business of helping people trapped under rubble.

Parrot (paotf) is a French company working with the USA to design and build drones and related software. This company offers various solutions regarding drones. For instance, there are drones for smart farming and vine monitoring. These drones are equipped with special sensors that alert the farmer of any issues that might arise on the farm or garden.

There are also military drones that serve several purposes. These small and disposable drones play an important role in intelligence and situational awareness missions. But most importantly, the search and rescue drones made by Parrot can help people in many different kinds of situations. The drone’s powerful rotors are able to fly in rainy and windy weather; they are also designed to fly and function in stormy seas.

Like many other kinds of drones, Parrot’s search and rescue drones come with thermal cameras for night vision and a powerful camera with 32x zoom. These cameras help rescuers locate the victim quickly and precisely, preventing unnecessary loss of life. What’s more, Parrot’s drones can locate moving targets from 2 kilometers away during the day and 150 meters away at night.

Parrot has been on the stock market since 2006. This company had 57.3 million dollars of income in 2020. What’s more, the stock for Parrot is currently traded for $7.27 per share.

Plymouth was founded in 2011 and is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Plymouth specifically makes radar systems for commercial and military purposes. Their radars can detect objects and people both indoors and outdoors. This company also designs and manufactures various kinds of drones to be used on land, sea, and air. These drones each serve a specific purpose.

The search and rescue drones made by Plymouth specialize in carrying out missions at sea. These drones have the ability to endure long-haul flights for up to 45 minutes which covers about 96 kilometers. Using 4G and 5G networks, the Plymouth search and rescue drones can deliver live information to the base unit as they roam the seas for people in need.

What’s more, the body of this drone and its rotors are designed to endure the harshest environment, including high and strong winds and stormy seas. Also, these systems’ software is equipped with artificial intelligence so the drones can operate with some degree of autonomy. The Plymouth drones are also capable of carrying up to 10 kilograms of payload. This load could be rescue supplies or surveillance equipment to better monitor the area.

Plymouth Rock Technologies has had 70.931 thousand dollars of total revenue in the last twelve months. Also, the stock for this company is currently traded for $0.5028 per share. According to stock analysts, Plymouth Rock Technologies could be an excellent long-term investment as the stock for this company is predicted to grow by over 183.9% in the next five years.

The market size for search and rescue drones

Generally, public safety drones are becoming an indispensable part of society, whether for the military, emergency services, law enforcement, or medical services. The market for these drones is expected to reach 679.5 million dollars by the end of 2021. This market has experienced a 127% increase since 2016. What’s more, analysts believe that these drones’ market will reach 45.8 billion dollars by 2025.

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