Space Hotels, the Next Step in Luxury

A few years ago, the idea of a luxury vacation came down to Fiji, the Maldives, or even a private island on the pacific somewhere. However, people are seeking more exotic places to spend their days off. This desire has also intensified by the lock-down that has been stretching on for more than a year. Unable to leave their homes, no matter how luxurious and grand it might be, people want to get away as far as possible.

This is why companies spend billions of dollars building resorts and hotels as remote as humanly possible, how remote? how about outer space? These hotels come with a fantastic view of sunrises and sunsets over Planet Earth. But more exciting than that is the unique activities that come with experiencing weightlessness. Some of these hotels plan to arrange games played in weightlessness, and some plan to offer their guests foods and delicacies that astronauts have on their missions.

Which Chained-brand Hotels Are Headed to Space?

Voyager Station

Voyager Station is made by Orbital Assembly (OAC). This company is making the largest man-made structure in space when completed. Voyager Station offers future passengers short-term and long-term leases and also villas. There are restaurants, event centers, and a game center.

The structure of Voyager Station is ideally suited for even long-term residence. There are 24 habitational modules on the station, located all around the wheel that makes the station. The wheel-shaped structure of the station means that it keeps rotating. The rotation of the station means that the habitational modules enjoy artificial gravity.

The fun part happens in the center of the wheel. This part of the station has lower gravitation; therefore, it is perfect for the passengers to have some low-gravity activities. The center of Voyager Station enables the passengers to jump higher and lift heavier weights.

Right now, you can reserve a three-day vacation on Voyager Station on its website. However, this will cost you about 5 million dollars for three days. Also, you can invest in the project with a minimum investment of $1. The stock for this Australian company is currently sold for $0.62. what’s more, Orbital Assembly has raised more than one million dollars of investment to date.

Aurora Station

Aurora Station, created by Orion Span (ORN), has a different approach to space hotels. These space hotels are designed in highly customizable modules designed and made in various types and shapes. These modules can be used for a variety of purposes, from government use to research and, of course, tourism.

The Aurora Station space hotels are not just for recreation. These hotels will give guests an authentic experience of 12 days as an astronaut. Other than watching the breathtaking view of the Earth from above and enjoying a zero-gravity experience, you will also take part in an astronaut’s daily routine.

The first modules of the Aurora Station are due to launch later in 2021, and the first guests will be able to check in next year in 2022. The 12-day stay at the hotel will cost about 10 million dollars. And the guests have to go through 3 months of pre-flight training. During this time, the guests will learn to perform specific tasks in weightlessness, operate certain machinery in the module, and handle everyday tasks such as eating and taking a shower.

Orion Span is a privately funded company that is currently backed by Berkley SkyDeck and Pear Ventures. These companies are supporting Orion Span with pre-seed funding. What’s more, Orion Span is presently searching for seed funders. You can e-mail the company if you are interested.

Axiom Space

Axiom Space is another privately funded company building space modules that can double up as space hotels. The Axiom Space station, called Axstation, is expected to launch by 2024. The Axstation interior is designed by the famous French interior decorator Phillipe Starck.

This could be one of the most luxurious space hotels ever built. With the interior that looks like a plush egg and an observation deck that’s set up as a dining area, there cannot be more beautiful scenery to watch at your breakfast table.

What’s more, Axstation plans to provide its guests with top-of-the-line foods and drinks in luxury cups and dishes specially designed for microgravity situations. The guests to this hotel are required to spend 15 weeks training for microgravity.

Axstation is a 2-billion-dollar project led by a former ISS leader. There are rumors that the tickets for this journey cost between 40 and 55 million dollars each. What’s more, Tom Cruise has already bought one. Recently, Axiom Station received 130 million dollars of series B funding to go ahead with the project.

Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace has been making inflatable space modules since 2016. This company has cooperated with NASA to attach some of its modules to the international space station (ISS). These attachments can be used as space hotels in which guests can stay up to two months.

In due time, the modules will be separated from the ISS and will start their own function as a space hotel as well as a research station. There have been talks about an agreement between Bigelow Aerospace and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin about providing transportation for the hotel guests.

Bigelow Aerospace also plans to use these inflatable modules as space hotels that orbit the moon. These plans have currently come to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as soon as the crisis is passed, the plans will be put into motion again for lunar space hotels.


The business of space hotels is finding the investment it needs to finally boom. The truth is that people, specifically the wealthiest people on Earth, are not content with traveling to exotic places on their vacation. The Earth is simply not enough anymore.

Hopefully, with the advent of space hotels in a year, the first group of guests can start their adventure in space. Then the other hotels will be ready in a few more years, and before we know it, staying in a space hotel would be the next “in” thing.



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