Wearable Technologies’ Market

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4 min readFeb 1, 2021

With integrated circuits becoming smaller and smaller, the wearable internet market (IoT) is booming. The wearables that we can find in the market today include smartwatches, fitness trackers, glasses, and many other things. Smart wearables come in three types. Some wearables are worn on the body. Some are implanted inside the body, while others are embedded in the garment and used in clothing.

What are the most significant smart wearables?


Smartwatches have one of the most significant shares in the global market for wearable technology. Year after year, the smartwatches made by huge brands improve their systems and add more features to their products. For example, the newest generation of Apple’s Smart Watches can perform EEGs and let the users or their caregivers know if they have a heart attack. Other than Apple, other companies such as Samsung and Xiaomi have made significant progress in their technology and sales.

From tracking your location through GPS to monitoring your health, managing your social media accounts, answering your phone, and sending messages, you can do many things using your smartwatch. These watches can also pair with phones to synchronize changes and apply them.

smart clothes

smart clothes come in many different forms and have many other purposes. One of the most useful garments that have been embedded inside clothing is smart swimwear by NEVIANO. These swimsuits are equipped with sensors and can be connected to an Android or IOS device. When you want to start using it, you can set your skin tone and some other specifications. The NEVIANO swimsuits are also embedded with UV sensors, which will alert you when you have been exposed to too much UV. When you get a notification, you can get into the shade or re-apply your sunscreen.

Another type of smart wearables is designed for babies and children between the ages of 0 and 5. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor is worn on the baby’s sock. These socks connect to an android or iOS device and help parents check to make sure their baby is safely sleeping. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor is the only baby monitor in the market that lets the parents know about their heart rate and oxygen levels. These socks will help new parents sleep better by making sure the baby is ok throughout the night.

However, smart clothes with sensors embedded in them are not just for babies. A company called Athos has made superhero style sports clothes that can track your vitals. These clothes have sensors on the chest, abdomen, legs, and arms to follow the muscles’ changes. You can connect your gym clothes to your Android and iOS phone and see how much activity you have done. You can also see how much pressure specific muscles in your body have gone under. The information given by these sensors can help you see which muscles are overworked and which movements need to be adjusted.

Smart wearable jewelry

InvisaWear’s smart necklaces are embedded with a small button at the back. These necklaces have the potential to save your life one day. InvisaWear’s necklaces can be connected to your phone and the phones of six other people who are friends and family. When you are in danger or need help, you can push the button on the back of the necklace twice, and it will notify all those six people. With these necklaces, you can make sure you have someone to help you just in case.

Another piece of jewelry that uses the internet to gather some information is Balance Black Ring by Oura. These rings are equipped with several sensors that can transfer data to your phone. The sensors on these rings measure your heartbeat and temperature. They also monitor the quality of your sleep and the number of calories you burn every day.

Another piece of jewelry with a similar function but better looks is Bella beat Leaf. Bellabeat Leaf can be used as a necklace, bracelet, or clip of your clothes. These aesthetically beautiful rings are so much more than conventional jewelry. They can monitor your activity during the day by counting your steps. They can also measure the quality of your sleep and track your menstrual cycles. You can connect these leaves to your Apple Health of Google Fit applications and synchronize your data on one app. And finally, Bella beat Leaf can help you reduce your stress levels by assisting you while you are meditating.

How large is the market for wearable technologies?

As mentioned before, a third of the global market for wearable technologies belongs to smartwatches. Moreover, this market is expected to grow by more than 40% in the next five years. Between 2016 and 2020, the wearable technologies market grew by more than 116% in size and value. This market is expected to reach about $3 billion by 2022, globally.

Most of the companies in this industry are privately owned. However, the stock price for companies such as Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi has grown substantially over the last few years. Companies such as Athos have managed to find their way to the stock market. With an increase in demand for wearable technologies, this company is projected to grow in the next few years.



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