Producing oxygen out of air pollution can save more than 5.5 million lives per year

Air pollution-related factors contribute to over 5.5 million deaths each year. It can affect children, pregnant mothers, and the quality of life in general. However, not much has been done to reduce pollution or limit the amount of damage done every year.

Changing the pollution back into breathable oxygen is a viable solution that has occupied scientists worldwide for years. These scientists have come up with several ways to capture the pollution in the air and convert it back into pure, breathable oxygen.

Applying these solutions can take two forms. First, the solution can be put into use at homes…

Synthetic leaves can create Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide.

One of the biggest challenges of astronauts on space exploration missions is having enough oxygen to use for breathing, as fuel, and to use for propulsion. Carrying this amount of oxygen for a medium to extended mission is implausible. Therefore, the only thing that can make traveling to space and ideally living there is to find a way to produce the necessary oxygen on site.

There is also the matter of adding more oxygen to our own home planet’s atmosphere can exponentially help the pollution problem. Having more oxygen around means that fewer people would die of pollution-related diseases. It…

Cooling accounts for 10% of global electricity consumption. It’s time to go green.

Unfortunately, the Earth is trapped in a destructive loop. Global warming is compelling people to buy more air-conditioning units. The more ACs are used, the more heat is released into the atmosphere, the more electricity is used, and the more carbon is released. Finally, going back to where we started, the more carbon is released, the worse Global warming gets.

It is estimated that the number of air conditioning units in the world will quadruple by 2050. This means there will be more than 14 billion ACs working in warm seasons. …

Remote work technology is not going anywhere

The COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over the world since late 2019 forced many companies into remote work. But even before that, many companies were talking about allowing their employees to work from home. This option would definitely make the company more desirable to work in. The prospect of leading a team project at home as efficiently as from the company is highly tempting for workers who are tired of the daily commute.

Using the most current technologies, remote working has expanded to many areas previously thought impossible. For instance, telemedicine is an area that uses video conferencing technologies to…

Search and rescue drones can get to the heart of any disaster-stricken area

Drones can be designed and made for a variety of purposes. They could be a birthday gift for your favorite niece. They could be Reconnaissance tools for the military. They could be flying video cameras for news agencies. But they could also be put to use in the business of saving lives.

In the chaos that comes in the aftermath of a disaster, it is sometimes impossible for search and rescue teams to penetrate the heart of the disaster to find missing people. …

the world hunger for microchips

These days, computers are getting smaller than ever, and the smaller they get, the more versatile they become. We are using microchips, more scientifically known as semiconductors, in almost anything right now, from our bodies to appliances, cars, phones, and watches. As these chips become smaller, their capabilities and facilities get more advanced as well.

Microchips play a particularly vital role in wireless communication devices, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things. With the advancement of the 5G internet, industries have the opportunity to design and manufacture devices that work with 5G to communicate with other devices. Also, autonomous machines

Ocean pollution is heavier than the weight of all fish combined

Ocean pollution is killing off the planet, reaching such a critical level that the weight of the trash is more than the fish in the oceans. Each year, eight million metric tons of trash find their way into the ocean. This trash, which currently makes more than 17.6 billion pounds, is gathered in five different garbage patches.

This is all that we can see, though. Most oceanic trash sinks into the bottom of the ocean and eventually infiltrates the marine and human food chain. What’s more, the organic waste dumped into the water causes an unusual growth of algae. The…

Path to Carbon Negative Begins Here

Carbon footprint is something people are getting increasingly worried about these days. The truth is that an average family of four produces more than ten tons of CO2 each year. Together with the carbon dioxide that factories, vehicles, and various industries produce, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has reached a critical degree.

Several methods can help reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. These methods include the traditional ones such as reforestation and managing farmlands and pollutants released into the air. …

Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence create Edge AI

These days, companies are using cloud services to receive and process the data they gather from sensors, cameras, and services. However, the amount of data is getting so massive that sending them and managing them is becoming increasingly expansive. This is where Edge AI comes in, a combination of Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Edge AI is a system of AI-equipped chips that are on board multiple devices. These devices can be installed and set up much closer to the sources of data. …

Who Wouldn’t Like to Open Their Hotel Room Window to the Planet

A few years ago, the idea of a luxury vacation came down to Fiji, the Maldives, or even a private island on the pacific somewhere. However, people are seeking more exotic places to spend their days off. This desire has also intensified by the lock-down that has been stretching on for more than a year. Unable to leave their homes, no matter how luxurious and grand it might be, people want to get away as far as possible.

This is why companies spend billions of dollars building resorts and hotels as remote as humanly possible, how remote? how about outer…

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