Are farming technologies going to save the world from hunger?

Agrotech (Agriculture Technology)

The innovative material to make structures lighter

Lightweight concrete makes buildings lighter

Are our gadgets poisoning us with Arsenic? Probably!

Arsenic is used in our everyday gadgets

They’re rising both in numbers and quality

Website coding, design, and development is a lucrative business

Fossil fuels are not the cheapest options anymore, thanks to carbon pricing

Cap-and-trade system is used to tax CO2 emission

What is carbon pricing?

Is cryptocurrency mining THE way to rid the world of waste? Wrong!

How to mine Bitcoin without damaging the environment

the ultimate solution to the traffic problem

Air Taxi is the solution to today’s traffic jams

oil to the food industry wheels

Technologies in delivering food and beverages safely in the 21st century

Nadav Gover

Enthusiast, with Futuristic Mindset and Experienced in Online Marketing, Consulting, Real Estate, Online Entrepreneurship and many more.

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